Strategic Plan

Unit Strategic Plan

In the past five years a considerable research effort development at FMDUL has been
undertaken. This resulted in an increased high-quality research output expressed in
impact publications which numbers are expected only to increase in the years to come.
It is therefore now the time to strengthen opportunities in order to foster an even stronger
research momentum at the faculty.
In this new era a new strategic plan in now due which will oversee new objectives,
strategies, tactics and performance.
In the next 4 years considerable efforts should be undertaken to
• Create an integrated research environment within UICOB research unit which is
clear and attractive to researchers in order to accommodate every research
• Foster and strengthen team-based research;
• Establish strong network links at both national and international levels;
• Develop translational research with strong community impact;
• Increase knowledge dissemination and research visibility within researchers,
population and stakeholders’ communities;
• Enhance research funding.

UICOB Strategic Plan 2022-2025